Adding Spaces

Step outside the box when it’s time to begin a remodeling project in the home. There are simple ways that you can change the appearance, such as painting or even adding rugs in the rooms. If you’re looking for some of the latest trends, then talk to general contractor leads who can give you ideas about the colors that are seen in homes and the design ideas that are being used for everything from kitchen cabinets to walls being added.

Tackle the issue of a lack of storage in the home by adding storage underneath the stairs. This is an area that is often left untouched and empty. You can create a compartment with a lid that lifts up with carpet covering it so that no one even knows there’s an extra space. You could also use compartments that roll out to store everything from backpacks to rain boots and shoes. The area under the stairs can be used for a book nook complete with a small chair or mattress, pillows and plenty of books on the wall.

One of the new trends in the kitchen is to make space for two dishwashers instead of one. You can create space on either side of the sink or stack the washers so that you can have one for smaller loads and one for those that are larger. This idea will help you get more washed at one time if you serve a large meal or during the holidays when all of the dishes seem to get dirty.

An idea to talk to the contractor about if you’re looking at a large renovation is to add a tree house outside. The area under the tree house can be used for entertaining with a patio, furniture or a swing. Adults and children can use the tree house as long as it’s sturdy and has the furnishings that you desire to have in the second home. Another idea for a second home on the property where you can go to relax is to transform a garden shed. It doesn’t take a lot of work and only involves a few materials, such as paint and decorations that you want.