3 Overlooked Building Maintenance Tasks

Buying or renting a building to house a business in is very exciting. Organizing equipment and arranging offices take priority during the move. Once that is done, it is easy to concentrate on the employees, clients and vendors who need daily attention and let other tasks fall to the wayside. However, it is important to make sure the building is maintained properly throughout the year.

1. HVAC System Checks

An important part of any office or warehouse building is the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Depending on the complexity of the system, different schedules may be recommended for maintenance. Look around to find a good HVAC service contract Chicago IL that can come in and make sure everything is working properly. Catching issues before they become large problems can save time and money.

2. Gutter Repair

Water damage is a serious problem that can crop up any building, especially those located within flood zones. Help keep water away from the structure with the use of properly installed gutters. They should be cleaned and checked twice a year, usually in spring and fall. If neglected, icicles can form that may fall and injure someone in the winter, or water will stay near the building and damage the foundation.

3. Sensor Checks

No one wants to think about a disaster happening in the workplace. Keep employees safe by maintaining alarm systems. Smoke and fire alarms can be tied to a sprinkler system for extra safety. They should be checked several times

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Top 3 Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Orlando, Florida

If the idea of living in a lush, family-friendly paradise year-round sounds appealing to you, you may want to consider a move to the Orlando, Florida area. Orlando is well known among tourists for its many local attractions, including world-famous Disney parks, but there are several other aspects that make it a great place year-round. To learn more about a few reasons moving to Orlando could be right for you, read on.

1. It’s Great for Families

Besides the well known proximity to Disney attractions, Orlando also has a high number of parks, good schools and picturesque suburbs, making this a great place to raise a family. You can even get a custom luxury home builder Winter Park FL to build the dream home your family always wanted.

2. There’s Rich Culture

One of the area’s lesser-known features is the abundance of museums and cultural attractions. For instance, art fans can spend hours touring the Orlando Museum of Art, the Morse Museum of American Art and the Cornell Fine Arts Museum. Science fans, meanwhile, will find plenty to do at the Orlando Science Center. No matter your interest, there’s a cultural hub for it here!

3. The Seafood Is Top-Notch

Given Orlando’s proximity to several prominent bodies of water, it may come as no surprise that the local fresh seafood is second to none. This little luxury is the perfect plus for foodies, who can enjoy the catch of the day every day in Orlando. For local specialties, be

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What to Do After a Remodel

Remodeling your house can be a stressful time. It often takes months, and you usually have limited access to certain areas that are being worked on. While having workers in your home during this time can be a lot to handle, the end result is usually worth it. Here are a few things to do to celebrate after all the work is done.


Most reputable contractors will make sure their crew cleans up after themselves when the project is over. However, it’s never a bad idea to go ahead and give the room a deep clean to ensure that all debris is gone. You can find professional cleaning services Olney MD to take care of this for you so that you can simply enjoy your new and improved home.

Throw a Party

You’ve spent a lot of time and money having your home remodeled, so now is the time to show it off. Invite your friends and family over to see the changes you’ve made and make it a party. This can be similar to a housewarming party, or you can do something more formal like a dinner party.


You may want to consider reorganizing if a lot of changes have been made. If you’ve had the kitchen redone, go ahead and go through all of your food and kitchen items and get rid of what you don’t want anymore. Once the remodel is done you can go through each room that has been worked on and

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