Example of Modern Wood Floor Floor Design Model

In a house of course has its own design. This we can see in terms of the design of the building, the selection of colors on the wall to the type of floor he uses. Of the blend, it will create a very nice house and also beautiful. Well, how to design a house that we will build to look more beautiful and comfortable? A very simple step to make our house to look more beautiful and also comfortable one of them is to decorate the floor on our homes. Floor that is currently widely used to decorate the house is a floor with wood materials.For more information you can Visit our website

Do you know the floor with the type of wood? This type of wood floor is apparently a floor that has a very high artistic value. In addition to the price of the floor is quite expensive, this type of wood floor also has a lot of choices, ranging from the type of batik wood flooring, plain and also patterned. You can also use wood flooring for your home. But for the type of floor itself there are several types of flooring options are ceramic floor, granite floor and also wooden floor or commonly called also with the type of parquet or parquet floor. Of the three types of flooring options mentioned above, then on this occasion we will share information about the type of wooden floor that you can apply to your home, as well as to decorate your home with various examples of the latest wooden floor model today. For wood flooring we can also use the apartment, kitchen, living room and room.

Solid Wood Flooring
For the best wood floor with high quality is solid wood floor type. This type of wood floor has a thickness of 5 to 15 mm. This type of wood floor is of a very high quality and can also last longer. As for making solid wood floor is made of wood such as teak, merbau or sonokeling.

Vinyl Wood Flooring

Vinyl floor type is a type of wooden floor that only has a thickness of 5 mm, but for the type of wood material that he uses using a high quality wood. The very thing in pity, for this type of wood floor is not able to survive in a long time, very susceptible to termites. On the other hand, this wooden floor is a very modern type of wooden floor. To make this type of wood floor is to use wood powder mixed with adhesive. Well, that’s the type of wooden floor that is now widely developed and is widely used for homes today.