Finding a No Frills Apartment

I started looking at Newport News apartments for rent even before finding out if it was sure that was where I would be moving to. I was just really hoping that it would, so I was doing everything in my power to make it so, including finding a place to live as quickly as possible. I had grown up in the area, but I moved away when I went to college and had never been back since other than to visit my folks. I knew that I could have stayed with them until I found my own place, but I am just too independent to do that.

I wanted my own apartment, so I just went online and did a search for reasonably priced apartments for rent. I only needed a one bedroom unit with one bath, and I did not need anything fancy with it like high ceilings or a balcony inside or a fitness center. I was actually hoping that it would not have a lot of extras like that because then that would make the rental price go down a good bit on the unit rental.

I just needed a clean apartment in a safe neighborhood, and that is exactly what I found with Autumn Lakes. It did have some nice amenities like a swimming pool and a playground, but I was thankful that it did not have so many that it would jack the rental price up by a hundred or so dollars. After all, someone has to pay for all those extras. I just did not want it to be me since I would not be using any. I knew that I wanted to live there, and I submitted my application as soon as I found out that I did indeed get the job I had been hoping for. It sure is good to be back home again, finally!