Horibble forest fire Can happen anywhere

Forest fires are one of the causes of forest destruction that has a devastating negative impact. The impacts of forest fires include smoke that interferes with human life activities, such as outbreaks of acute respiratory diseases in the community, and disrupting transport systems that affect up to neighboring countries. The greatest impact is the destruction of germplasm which results in the destruction of the ecosystem of the environment, and resulted in the decline in the quality and quantity of the forest

Will eventually cause a lot of harm or in other words Forest fires, vegetation fires, or bush fires, are a wildfire, but can also destroy nearby houses and farmland.

Common causes include lightning, human carelessness, and burning. The dry season and the prevention of small forest fires are a major cause of major forest fires. Forest fires in English mean “wild fire” derived from a synonym of Greek Fire, a napalm-like material used in medieval Europe as a maritime weapon

Causes of Forest Fire

Causes of forest fire, among others:

Lightning strikes in dry forests due to long dry seasons. The carelessness of humans, among others, throwing cigarette butts and forget to turn off the fire at the camp.  it so terrible if our forest has been fire, so i would like to you to visit us in Specialised Security Systems Co. To reduce the presence of forest fires.  Volcanic activity such as lava flows or hot clouds from volcanic eruptions.

Deliberate measures such as to clear agricultural land or open new agricultural land and vandalism actions. Ground fire / ground fire on peat soil areas that can ignite fires above the ground during the dry season. Impacts and Effects of Forest Fire Disasters

The impacts of wild fires include:

Spread emissions of carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. The 1997 forest fires generated 2.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (source of Nature 2002). By comparison the total worldwide carbon dioxide emissions for the year were 6 billion tons.

The killing of wildlife and the destruction of crops either because of fires, trapped smoke or destruction of habitat. Fires can also cause many endemic species in an area to become extinct before they can be identified.

Causes flooding for several weeks during the rainy season and drought during the dry season.