Large Gardens Or Grounds Can Be A Magnificent Addition To A Beautiful Home

Large gardens or grounds can be a magnificent addition to a beautiful home, but they can also be quite a lot of work to maintain and keep looking their best. But even with a small garden, mowing the lawn can be a chore that suddenly becomes a lot less work with a ride-on mower. Ride-on mowers are available in different sizes to suit all almost gardens.

Sit-on mowers needed for large expanses of lawn can be equipped with automatic drive to ensure expert handling and a powerful twin-cylinder engine to deal with whatever the terrain may offer. For grounds that cover up to five acres, a lawn tractor may be the way forward, as these are wider and have more features.

Different Size Options

However, smaller models are a gift for someone who wants the convenience of a sit-on mower but needs to reach some tricky areas. Compact ride-on mowers have been adapted for the garden that may have restricted access or features that mean precise mowing is required. The smaller models of mowers are designed to fit through garden gates of different dimensions.

When shopping for a ride-on mower, it is a good idea to measure the narrowest part of the route to the lawn and keep this measurement in mind when looking at mowers. The model chosen must be smaller than the most restricted part of the path to ensure it can be ridden to all areas.

Briggs and Stratton petrol engines are often used in ride-on mowers, and a model featuring an engine from this company is generally of good quality, although they are not the cheapest available. Some mower distributors produce their own brand of engines to offer customers great value and fuel economy at a lower price.

Modern Technology

Today’s ride-on mowers offer many different features to make them more efficient and more easily steered and produce a more professional finish. Modern ride-on mowers can offer ergonomic design, controls that are straightforward and easy to use, along with durable mechanics that will ensure they last for many years to come. The ride-on mowers of today can offer extremely precise steering to make mowing the most complicated expanse of lawn seem like a breeze. New technology has been incorporated into ride-on mowers to ensure that they deliver a professional service.

If some reason you are not as mobile as you used to be, the ride-on mower is a solution that can make keeping the lawn neat and today almost effortless. Many modern models are extremely easy to operate and as easy to drive as an automatic car. Often all you need to do is press the pedal to go and ease the foot off to stop.

Modern mowers also give the enthusiastic gardener options for dealing with the grass clippings. One choice is to collect the clippings in a box fitted at the rear of the mower. Another choice is mulching, the process by which the grass clippings are chopped extremely finely by a mulch plug which is incorporated into the mower. The minced up clippings are then blown backwards over the lawn to help keep the soil moist, provide valuable nutrition and help the lawn to continue with healthy growth. As the clippings are so tiny, they virtually disappear, but the growing lawn can benefit from the clippings’ nutrients.

A mulch plug is included with many mowers, but otherwise they are quite easy to fit. To do this, take off the grass collection container and then replace the grass collector.

Another feature is what is known as side discharge, where the clippings are deposited alongside the machine to wilt naturally. This can be especially useful when cutting longer grass. Today’s technology gives most mowers controls for adjusting the height of the lawn, and some also offer a tow bar, so when operating the machine an accessory can come along for the ride. If you are looking for a versatile option for your garden that presents great value and terrific performance, Mountfield ride on mowers are a very good choice.

Safety and Convenience

Safety features on today’s mowers also boast a variety of innovations. In many popular models, a safety switch is triggered and the cutting blades are disabled when the driver gets off the mower’s seat. Were the driver to be unseated accidentally, a mower with this safety feature could not present a hazard to pets or children by running over them with sharp and engaged blades.

A ride-on mower can be a boon for gardeners, giving them high performance and convenience in a durable and safe package. Once you have sampled the many advantages of a sit-on mower, you will never want to use anything else.