Wood Composite (Wood Composite) To Beautify House

You fall in love and fans of wood elements, but the price of wood in the market is very expensive until finally your dream is difficult to achieve? There is exciting news for you, now there has been a new material innovation that replaces wood that is Wood Composite or Wood Composite.

Wood Composite is made from a mixture of wood powder and carbon plastic so as to provide a look like real wood. Because it contains carbon plastic, this panel is anti-termite and waterproof. The product also does not smell and 100{928509496946c6da8493e938c48fd77005fe3f8b38d2632f8d38c3f9f17a61a0} can be recycled.

The advantages of other composite wood that is not owned by the original wood is its ability to prevent the fire from spreading. In addition, you also do not have to bother painting and coating again because this composite wood is available in the colors of popular wood. For example teak wood motif, cedar wood, mahogany wood and pine wood. Are you interesting with another wood you can see in Floorboards

The use of Wood Composite is also not limited, can be used for decking, wall panel, floor, roof, ceiling to door. The width of Wood Composite is 90 mm up to 300 mm. The thickness of Composite Wood is 19 mm up to 50 mm.

Tips on Using Composite Wood is as follows:

  1. For Furniture, if composite wood is used to make furniture such as tables or cabinets, do not use as a frame element, but also avoid using nails, you should use glue or screws and bolts.

  1. Composite Wood Treatment, easy enough to do wood composite treatment that is enough wipe with water. Do not use soaps or detergents that contain chemicals, as they may damage the look of the fibers and fade colors. (HOME NEWS).

Thus a glimpse of Composite Wood, may be useful.